Increase in scams and frauds during property boom.

The lifting of lock down restrictions coupled with the stamp duty changes has seen a boom in the property market. As a result fraudsters are trying to take advantage of that situation. This has meant that there has been a huge increase in fraud attempts on Solicitors firm and their clients. This can range from email interception to firm impersonation. Fraudsters create email addresses to look very similar to firm email addresses and can try and dupe people into transferring money to bogus accounts.  It is therefore important to be absolutely vigilant with the following steps:

  • Check emails you receive carefully and in particular check email addresses
  • Look at the content of the email – does it look right?
  • Check any emails you receive asking for money- call the firm and speak to the team to check it is genuine
  • If you receive changed bank details – do not sent money and check
  • If in doubt    – check BEFORE sending any money.


We are all in the fightback together against the ever increasing and sophisticated fraudsters.  By following the above steps you will reduce your chances of being the victim of a fraud.

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