Financial Matters

We frequently represent married couples who are trying to resolve finances following their separation and who may be going through divorce proceedings. We take a proactive approach in trying to resolve matters as quickly and amicably as possible through negotiation. If a negotiated settlement cannot be reached we represent our clients in Financial Remedy proceedings, where the finances of the marriage are put before the court for determination.  

We can advise on all aspects of financial disputes including those involving pensions, businesses and properties. We also frequently advise Military personnel,  as a result of our links with the Army via our Catterick Garrison office.

We also represent cohabiting couples who have separated and are unable to reach agreements concerning any jointly owned property. This is a difficult and complex area of law but we try to help our clients navigate this to reach resolutions outside of the court arena. If this is not possible we do represent clients within any issued court proceedings.

We do offer clients in disputes the opportunity to consider an alternate way of resolving disputes where both parties wish to collaboratively work together with their solicitors to reach resolutions outside of the court arena. Our Miss Bloomfield is a collaboratively trained practitioner. Details regarding this can be found at

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