Small Claims

We understand that often claims which are of a low financial value are of vital importance for a person or a business. It is imperative to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity to prevent matters getting worse and costs increasing.

We understand that cost efficiency is vitally important in any claim. As a result, we offer fixed fees so that you know that you are being provided with expert service from a specialist Solicitor at a fixed cost from start to finish.

We are experienced in dealing with alternative dispute resolution and particularly small claims mediation which is a valuable and cost effective way of dealing with disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the small claims limit?

The current limit for small claims is £10,000

What is the effect on a small claim on costs?

Whilst Court fees will be added to a Judgment debt, solicitor’s costs in claims under £10,000 are rarely awarded to the victor and it is for this reason that we offer an efficient fixed fee approach.

What are the time limits for bringing litigation cases?

There are various time limits which will be discussed and it is always best to make an appointment sooner rather than later. The usual time limit for disputes and breach of contract claims is 6 years but in Wills and Probate cases there are very strict time limits of 6 months from the time a Grant of Probate is taken out and we always recommend an urgent appointment if the dispute is regarding a will or inheritance.

If a Professional Negligence case is taken on under a “No Win No Fee” are there any hidden charges?

Absolutely not. We will discuss funding options and whether we can offer a “No Win No Fee” agreement at the initial appointment.

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